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Six on Saturday – 20 August 2022

Only a few garden tasks done today, as I am conserving my energy for tackling more to-dos tomorrow. Perhaps some tidying, seed-sowing, digging and maybe, some propagation.

As ever, if you’d like to explore other gardens head over to The Propagator’s blog and enjoy reading through the comments. The participant’s guide is here.

The Un-sown

Today I am focusing on plants around the garden that were here when I arrived, or that have self-seeded from who knows where. I happen to like these plants and hope to move and propagate them to different areas of the garden.

1. Alchemilla mollis – maybe?

Alchemilla Mollis spilling over the front path

Perhaps Alchemilla Mollis, there is a small patch of it growing next to my garden gate. With a pleasantly frothy appearance, ‘Creative Vegetable Gardening’ (Joy Larkcom) recommends it as a potentially frivolous (no culinary value) border. I may use it to hem in some vegetables next year.

2. Clematis – possibly Clematis Viticella, the Italian Leather Flower, purple clematis or Virgin’s bower


ISeek was not able to positively identify this plant, but a member of the community has suggested it is Clematis Vitcella. It is sprouting up behind my shed on a sturdy-ish trunk, out of reach of my pruning. The shed is not long for this world and I hope to take some cuttings and preserve it for a future spot elsewhere in the garden.

3. Forget-me-nots


I found these behind the polytunnel at the beginning of spring (this is an old photo but fits with the theme). The flowers are very delicate and seem to glow, but it is invisible in its current position.

4. Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Happily, an SoS post identified this plant for me this morning. It is growing in the back lane behind my garden. The lane is extremely overgrown and there are a few plants that have either self-seeded or grown underneath the fences of neighbours. Assuming my neighbour doesn’t mind, I’ll be pinching this one.

5. No idea

If anyone knows the name for this, let me know. It is a bulb flower and is gradually recovering after I dug up a significant number of the bulbs by accident.

6. Buddleja


One of several buddlejas occupying the overgrown back lane, I might try and take a cutting to add to the garden. This one is nearly spent but has been beloved of bees over the summer.

Until next time, happy growing!


10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 20 August 2022”

    1. I have tried identifying it with Seek, but it only identifies it as a family member from Irises and allies. Based on other comments though, it is a Crocosmia, Montbretia. Certainly looks like it😊 strangely, I don’t remember ever seeing forget-me-nots in person before. They are lovely. Thanks for sharing

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  1. Jim is spot on, and yes that is Alchemilla mollis and it does make a great edging, which can be given a good chop down after flowering to prevent too many seedlings, and the new growth comes quickly fresh and green.

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