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Food and Growing

This growing season has been a delightful experiment trying, not only new fruit and veg, but new plants. While the garden is still in the early stages (year 2), perennials are beginning to establish and the original garden design tweaked to accommodate new preferences of placement and direction as I get used to the space.… Continue reading Food and Growing

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Cauliflower Update – Experiment Results

Cauliflower ‘All Year’, a new variety for me and my second attempt at growing cauliflowers. As my post in July (Cauliflowers - An Experiment) outlined, I planted one patch of cauliflowers, with half of the area fertilised using fish, blood and bone, the other with manure. Initial results were quite promising with the manure side… Continue reading Cauliflower Update – Experiment Results

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Six on Saturday – 8 October 2022

My goodness the last month has been busy. Has anyone else found 2022 to be the year of weddings? With all the postponements due to covid, my friends and family are only now catching up. A lot of fun, but not a lot of time for gardening! Near constant rain has battered the garden this… Continue reading Six on Saturday – 8 October 2022