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Six on Saturday – 5 November 2022

It has been pishing down in Glasgow for almost a full month. I actually like rain, but at the moment the ground is sodden, any remaining plants are completely battered and my garden task list for autumn severely delayed. I have had onion sets and garlic ready to plant since the end of September, but have held off for fear of them rotting in the overly wet ground. Has anyone planted onions and garlic in constant, wet weather? I am a bit worried about delaying longer….

This is my first time posting since The Propagator handed the baton of SOS over. Thanks to Jim for hosting. You can see his blog and all the other SOSers on Garden Ruminations and instructions on how to join are in the Participant Guide. Now to my six.

1. Trail of Tears

I love these beans to dry. Delicious in stews and as refried beans, I came across them last year and attempted to grow far more this time around in different locations across the garden. The snails ensured that my attempts were not fully successful! Nonetheless, I have managed to grow some. These ones I left on the vine to dry out, but the constant rain has made that impossible. I suspect I will need to pick these tomorrow for drying inside.

2. Bacopa, Snowflake

Towards the end of summer I bought several of these to plant on top of the expired ‘bulb lasagne’ planters. They worked a treat alongside some petunias and Silver Dust. Now the planters need neatened up again, I have moved these to the front flower border. However, I think I may have made a mistake; I thought these were perennial and it seems they are actually annuals…

3. Nasturtium

Protected in the polytunnel, nasturtiums continue to flower. These are in a bed where I have attempted to sow salad greens, spinach and spring onions. The snails are once again on the attack…. I have never managed to grow salad leaves or spinach, despite repeated assurances they should be ‘easy’. Ho-hum.

4. Rudbeckia

Given to me by my dad these have been a stand-out this year. The flowers were a lovely point of colour towards the end of summer, and they provide continued interest with these domed seed heads.

5. Foxglove?

This interesting set of leaves appeared months ago. At the time I used ‘Seek’ which identified it as a Foxglove. Only spring will tell, but I am going to leave it alone for the moment.

6. Verbena

The Verbena is finally dying back and it looks as though the flowers are forming seed heads. These are new to me and I am curious to see whether they will grow again come spring, self-seed, or simply die away.

That is it from me this week. I am hoping for drier weather and a chance to tidy and prepare the garden for winter. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 5 November 2022”

    1. Thank you😊 honestly, the full picture is a lot more messy! With the constant rain it hasn’t been a great time to trim grass or hedges, or to generally tidy. I hoping November is a bit drier🤞

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