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Six on Saturday – 12 November 2022

Another Saturday, and little progress here. The weather remains surprisingly warm, but almost constant rain has kept me out of the garden. Finally managed to start tidying up today, but many tasks remain before everything is bedded down for winter.

Anyway, my six:

1. Potatoes

Today I finally emptied out my remaining potato sacks. At the beginning of the season I used two different methods to potting the potatoes. Method 1: Seed potatoes layered with fertiliser (fish, blood and bone), filling the container to the brim (I did this after watching a video by Liz Zorab, see post ‘Potatoes are my spirit vegetable’); method 2: using old compost bags I planted a single set of potatoes, and earthed up as they grew. Finally, the results!

Comparing the harvests, planting the potatoes fully (compost to the brim) has definitely produced larger potatoes and a larger crop. Roughly 2kg, 440g, and from the earthed up bag 1kg, 240g.

What is this?

I am not sure how accurate a comparison this really is, as the containers were different, and these are the only two pots that I left until the very end of the season. A few do have an interesting skin condition. Anyone have any idea what this is?

2. Seed saving! Bothby Blonde Cucumbers

This year I am going to try my hand at some seed saving. Following instructions from the RealSeeds website, I’ve gathered seed from two of the ten cucumbers I have set aside… if anyone wants any cucumber seed, let me know.

3. Sunflower Seeds

Spent sunflower heads and their seeds make an absolutely gorgeous pattern.

4. Nasturtium Seeds

These I gathered from underneath the slowing dying nasturtiums. Currently in a paper bag drying in the kitchen. We’ll see if they germinate next year.

5. Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans

I left many pods on the vine with the hope of drying the beans. I have siphoned off a few and placed them aside in a paper bag to dry.

6. Venus’ Hair Fern

As things are quite quiet outside in the garden, I thought i’d share my recovering Venus’ Hair Fern. This lovely houseplant had expired due to my neglect… but a little bit of time, light and misting, and it is growing happily.

As ever, thanks to Jim for hosting. If you are interested in seeing other SOS posts, check out his blog Garden Ruminations. The Participant Guide gives instructions on how to join. Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 12 November 2022”

    1. Thanks. The area around the weird skin bit looks and it feels firm. Strangely only a few in the same bag have this unusual look. They have been sitting out a long time, including during this last month of rain…

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