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Cauliflower Update – Experiment Results

Cauliflower ‘All Year’, a new variety for me and my second attempt at growing cauliflowers. As my post in July (Cauliflowers - An Experiment) outlined, I planted one patch of cauliflowers, with half of the area fertilised using fish, blood and bone, the other with manure. Initial results were quite promising with the manure side… Continue reading Cauliflower Update – Experiment Results

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Six on Saturday – 13 August 2022

Today started with rain, but after a cooling period, has turned into another scorcher. These cloudless sunny days have been lovely, but the hotter temperatures are a bit of a struggle. Instead of attempting to work through it, I completed my garden tasks this morning and am now basking in the shade while enjoying this… Continue reading Six on Saturday – 13 August 2022

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Cauliflowers – An Experiment

Hurtling into the second half of the year, June was very dry. The beginning of July is trying to make up for it! Last year I had some success with Romanesco cauliflowers and this year decided to try ‘All Year Round’ variety, but with a little soil experiment. I was not organised enough in 2021… Continue reading Cauliflowers – An Experiment