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Food and Growing

This growing season has been a delightful experiment trying, not only new fruit and veg, but new plants. While the garden is still in the early stages (year 2), perennials are beginning to establish and the original garden design tweaked to accommodate new preferences of placement and direction as I get used to the space.… Continue reading Food and Growing

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Six on Saturday – 13 August 2022

Today started with rain, but after a cooling period, has turned into another scorcher. These cloudless sunny days have been lovely, but the hotter temperatures are a bit of a struggle. Instead of attempting to work through it, I completed my garden tasks this morning and am now basking in the shade while enjoying this… Continue reading Six on Saturday – 13 August 2022

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Re-using Old Pallets

Over the years I have collected quite a few pallets, some from deliveries, others from neighbours, and some from junk piles outside houses locally (after asking if they are happy for me to remove them!). My wood-working skills are very basic, but from these I have managed to create compost bins, cold frames and a… Continue reading Re-using Old Pallets